Potential Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Full Spectrum Hemp oil has received a lot of press recently, and for good reason! So why is Full Spectrum hemp oil getting all this attention? What's all the buzz about? 

Full Spectrum Hemp oil can already be found as an ingredient in some beauty products and even some foods. However, hemp oil itself has a myriad of amazing health benefits just waiting to be taken advantage of. 

Classed as a “superfood”, hemp oil is packed with nutrients, and can be used as a suitable replacement for many products and ingredients we already use.

Many people do not realize the untapped potential that Full Spectrum hemp oil has for better health. That’s why we’re here to spread the good word!

According to numerous studies, A myriad of health benefits have been observed.

Read on to learn more about the many potential health benefits of Full Spectrum hemp oil. 

Nervous System Support 

Essential fatty acids are required by your brain and body in order to maintain good health; that’s why they’re called ‘essential’. Full Spectrum Hemp oil is an incredibly potent source of such fatty acids.

Your nerve cells are able to reach the brain due to a fat insulation called Myelin. Myelin acts as a conductor that transports the neurons along your nervous system to their destinations.  

Full Spectrum hemp oil may actually supports Myelin, reducing its deterioration and thus promoting an excellent nervous system.  

Full Spectrum hemp oil may also acts as a neuro-protectant. By taking Full Spectrum hemp oil, you may be proactively protecting your brain and its neuron functions in the long-term. 

You are often left with excessive glutamates if you succumb to a serious brain injury. These glutamates are linked to neurotransmitters in your brain. However, hemp oil’s antioxidant properties can potentially assist you in getting rid of this unhealthy glutamate buildup. 

Heart Health 

As well as promoting nerve cell support, these essential fatty acids may also improve heart health.

Hemp oil has the uncanny ability to lower cholesterol, which may be inevitably good for your heart. This is due to its high content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. 

These essential fats naturally speed up the metabolic processes. Saturated fat can get clogged up in arteries, and hemp oil may effectively work to break down this clogging. 

Built-up saturated fat can clog arteries and be seriously harmful to heart health. The more saturated fat blocking arteries, the harder the heart must work to pump blood around the body efficiently.

There may also be an increased risk of high blood pressure when the heart is working this hard to pump blood around the body. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Blood cells also inevitably require a certain amount of oxygen in order to remain healthy. Blood cells cannot receive healthy amounts of oxygen when the heart is forced to work so hard all the time.

Hemp oil may effectively help to streamline the heart functions and decrease overall risk of heart disease. Heart disease is, after all, the leading cause of death in the USA and many other countries!

Immune System 

Hemp seed oil contains considerable amounts of high-quality fats that are beneficial for the immune system. This helps to reduce inflammation and greatly supports the immune response.

The number of health-promoting endocannabinoids that the body produces can also be increased with hemp oil. 

Endocannabinoids are made up of 2 main receptors: Cannabinoid Receptor 1 (CB1) and Cannabinoid Receptor 2 (CB2). The body’s immune system typically contains a high volume of CB2 receptors. 

These receptors promote the body’s natural process of homeostasis, which regulates bodily functions such as the immune system. Endocannabinoids signal when the system needs to adjust itself to changing conditions.

Curbing Arthritis Pain

Essential fatty acids may effectively diminish the pain that comes with Arthritis. Patients who consume hemp oil sometimes report a lesser or no need to take anti-inflammatory medication anymore too.

Omega 3 fatty acids are an essential fat that is known to “reduce joint swelling and pain, reduce overall assessments of pain, and decrease the duration of morning stiffness and disease activity”. 

As aforementioned, hemp oil is naturally rich in Omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 is also known to aid basic metabolic functions. It even has its aesthetic values, and is often used to promote healthy skin and hair. 

Hormonal Balance Support

Gamma-linolenic acid is found in hemp seed oil, too. Gamma-linolenic acid is another fatty acid with immense healing capabilities. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is a derivative of linolenic, which is often cited as the most prominent omega-6 fatty acid. 

GLA promotes the synthesis of the prostaglandins that create hormones.

Menopause and menstruation functions can also be supported with GLA, even if they are yet to begin (i.e. in the case of menopause). Endometrial cells are destroyed during the menstruation cycle, and this causes unpleasant contractions in the uterus commonly known as “cramps”.

GLA may effectively help to eradicate the effects of these cramps and other menstrual discomforts. Menstruating women commonly report experiencing less irritability, depression, and breast pain when using hemp oil regularly.

Skin Benefits

Hemp oil’s amazing effects have countless potential health and beauty benefits for your skin, greatly improving its look and condition.

The body’s immune responses associated with skin healing are greatly enhanced by Omega 3 and 6.

This is why hemp oil is often used to help treat common skin problems. Hemp oil may effectively aid with eczema psoriasis and other rash-like skin conditions. 

Hemp oil’s lack of greasiness also makes it a brilliant alternative for those suffering with acne. 

You can use Full Spectrum hemp oil directly on the skin, or it can be consumed orally. This nonetheless may help to improve the skin's healing process.

Full Spectrum Hemp oil may also be more simply used as a moisturizer if you suffer from dry or itchy skin. Its light, non-greasy formula gives the skin the nutrients it requires without being sticky or unpleasant to use.

Boosts Weight Loss

Hemp oil may be a “fatty acid”, but that doesn’t mean it makes you fat! Hemp oil contains the “good fats” that your body needs to thrive.

If you’re looking to lose weight then hemp oil may perfect for you. Hemp seed oil has been reported to be a natural appetite suppressant, meaning that you'll feel full much longer after meals, and will experience reduced hunger pangs when dieting.

The GLA of hemp oil may also work to effectively curb sugar cravings and inflammation, leading to a decreased caloric intake.

You can easily using hemp oil in a smoothie or salad to replace any unhealthy fillers. Hemp oil’s pleasant, nutty taste makes it compatible as an additive to numerous foods and meals.

More Information about the Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Have you realized the potential amazing benefits of Full Spectrum hemp oil? We hope so! Read on to find out more.

What Are the Health Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Now this is where it gets exciting!

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has finally been recognized as having undeniable long-term health benefits. 

Full Spectrum hemp oil is receiving a lot of attention for its potential health benefits in particular, probably due to its non-intoxicating effects that have made it “easier” to study and legalize. Full Spectrum hemp oil's lack of psychoactive effects has generally made it much easier for people to widely accept.

What is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil suffers from a bad reputation as is often confused with having THC. THC is the psychoactive, often-illegal substance that gets marijuana users “high”. 

You cannot get high from Full Spectrum Hemp Oil; it does not have the psychoactive properties of THC.

Full Spectrum Hemp oil is mainly derived from two distinct types of cannabis plants: marijuana and hemp. These two should not be confused! Hemp plants are very much legal, whereas Marijuana plants tend to be illegal depending on your state of choice.

Marijuana derived Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Marijuana Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is an oil derived from (you guessed it!) cannabis plants. It is different from Full Spectrum hemp oil, in that it contains THC (the substance that produces a “high” feeling in users). Marijuana Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is specifically bred to have a high THC content and its legality is thus much more varied.

Full Spectrum Hemp oil derived from marijuana plants is nonetheless heavily regulated in the U.S. due to its simultaneous intoxicating effects.

Its sale and possession are generally permitted in states where medical marijuana is legal. In those states, however, it can only be obtained via a doctor’s prescription.

Selling marijuana-derived oil remains illegal in many states, unlike its hemp-derived cousin. The same rules also apply to the growing and selling of medical marijuana in these states.

As aforementioned, Full Spectrum Hemp oil derived from hemp plants does not face these legal challenges, and is permitted in all fifty states.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Derived from Hemp Plant Seed and Stalk

Hemp derived products, namely seed and stalk oil is completely legal to possess and sell in the United States. 

The hemp used to produce it, however, can only be grown in the 14 states that allow it. The grower of the hemp also needs a permit to be able to grow it legally within those 14 states.

What are the potential benefits of Full Spectrum hemp oil?

Full Spectrum hemp oil may have a myriad of health benefits, despite containing no high-inducing psychoactive ingredients.

A lot of the research on the benefits of Full Spectrum hemp oil is inevitably still novel and emerging, given its long-time prohibition. More and more states are however passing laws allowing hemp growth for research purposes. As hemp’s growth (and thus research) becomes more and more legal, we expect to see even further breakthroughs for this amazing plant’s healing capabilities.