Is it Legal to Buy Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Is the buying and selling of Full Spectrum hemp oil legal? The short answer is yes. However, given its relation to marijuana, there is a plethora of mis information floating around the internet causing more confusion than help for this fast growing and important healthful alternative.

Those looking to get in on the hemp oil business probably have a cornucopia of questions about legality. Those interested in making and selling Full Spectrum hemp oil are no different either.

We’ve aimed to outline the current laws as they relate to hemp oil in the US below. 

What actually is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Those wanting to sell Full Spectrum hemp oil are likely to already know what it is.

However, by knowing precisely what ingredients the product contains, you can help yourself to figure out what local laws apply to your product.

Full Spectrum hemp oil suffers from a bad reputation, as is often confused with the isolated molecule CBD and the psychoactive molecule THC. THC is the psychoactive, often-illegal substance that gets marijuana users “high”.

You cannot get high from Full Spectrum hemp oil; it does not share the psychoactive properties of its cousin THC. The CBD molecule (not isolate) is a part of the plants natural anatomy, in the correct proportions as mother nature intended. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, fiber, flavonoids, and terpenes. The mother nature 9 round punch. Therefore it is not the only derived benefit from hemp oil.

So is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil legal?

Yes. Full Spectrum hemp oil is currently legal in all fifty states.

Legally, Full Spectrum hemp oil is considered to be a hemp product rather than a marijuana-related product. Hemp itself has never been illegal in the United States, and has been used for all sorts of purposes for decades. Hemp doesn’t contain any psychoactive THC, and as such has never been outlawed in the United States.

Some states, however, do have laws against growing hemp for commercial use. More and more states are nonetheless legalizing this practice as times move on and attitudes change.

Hemp is considered a food-based product by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its legality means that you can transport and sell hemp across state lines without hassle.

So is it legal to sell Full Spectrum hemp oil?

Yes. You can legally sell Full Spectrum hemp oil in much the same way that you can freely transport and sell hemp in all fifty states.

This only applies, however, to Full Spectrum hemp oil that comes from industrial hemp stalks and seeds, grown on legally-permitted US sites.

Medical marijuana plants can also produce Full Spectrum hemp oil. However, its sale and use is much more strictly regulated if the Full Spectrum hemp oil is derived from a medical marijuana plant. We do not carry Full Spectrum hemp oil derived from marijuana plants.

Marijuana-derived Full Spectrum hemp oil inevitably requires a prescription from a doctor in order to purchase it. It also contains isolated CBD in order to achieve a specific result in testing for CBD alone, as it does not appear in its natural state with specific targeted levels of CBD. Therefore Its legality also varies from state to state depending on what type of Full Spectrum Hemp oil and weather or not isolated CBD has been added.

Marijuana-derived Full Spectrum hemp oil can only be sold in states where it is legal. It can also only be sold to those with a fitting doctor’s prescription.

Full Spectrum hemp oil derived from industrial hemp stalks and seeds is nonetheless fully legal in all fifty states for sale and possession.